Schwalbach, Father John

1914, September 24

Date of Birth: 1886, April 27

August 4, 1915

Fathers and Very Dear in Our Lord:

In the United States in the course of the school-year 1914-1915, four of our confreres engaged in our work have died:  Fathers Schwalbach, Berkeley, Chapon, and Dumont. I have been unable up to now to express the traditional tribute of our remembrance. But even late, that tribute remains due, and I herein pay it to them for your edification and as a duty of piety towards those who belong to our family.

Father Schwalbach was born at Conna in Michigan on April 27, 1886. He attended both the minor and the major seminaries in Baltimore. He came to the Solitude in 1911-1912 and was admitted to the Society. On his return to America he was sent to St. Austin’s to attend classes at the Catholic University in Washington. 


It was expected that he would do good work at our St. Charles College. God asked of him only good intentions. He died in September during the vacation while he was staying with his family. His death, like his life, was sweet and edifying. His mortal remains were brought to Baltimore, and the burial took place in the little cemetery of St. Mary’s after a touching talk by Father Havey.

I recommend to your prayers the four deceased American confreres:  Fathers Schwalbach, Berkeley, Chapon, and Dumont. I renew to you the expression of my very devoted sentiments in Our Lord.

H. Garriguet

Superior of St. Sulpice