Fr. Joseph T. Ky, PSS


On December 30, 2018, Fr. Joseph T. Ky, PSS, died at Mercy McCune Brooks Hospital in Carthage, Missouri. The Mass of Resurrection was celebrated on January 4, 2019, with Fr. John Thanh Toan Tran, CRM, Provincial Superior of the monastery of the Congregation of the Mother of the Redeemer, as presider, and Fr. Hy Nguyen, PSS, as homilist. Burial followed in Park Cemetery in Carthage.

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We “Sulpician Fathers” have an uncommon name and a unique mission: the initial and ongoing formation of diocesan priests. In 1641, our founder, Fr. Jean-Jacques Olier, was the pastor of the Church of Saint Sulpice. He founded a community of diocesan priests in Paris specifically to prepare diocesan seminarians for the Roman Catholic priesthood. We Sulpicians have been dedicated to the work of forming priests after the heart of Jesus the Good Shepherd ever since.

Sulpicians came to the United States in 1791, arriving first in Baltimore. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to assisting bishops by providing seminary education and ongoing formation for seminarians and our fellow priests.

In the United States, we have seminaries in Baltimore, Washington, DC, and San Antonio. Texas. Farther afield, we support seminaries in the Central African nations of Zambia and Malawi.

Quick Facts

■ Serve 57 Arch/dioceses and 19 International Arch/dioceses (11 of which are Zambian)
■ Staff an additional 5 seminaries (U.S. & Zambia)
■ Are responsible for a Baltimore parish of 800 families
■ Coordinate and facilitate the Biennial Institute for Seminary Formators
■ Operate three Sulpician seminaries with a total enrollment of 324
■ Founded by Fr. Jean-Jacques Olier

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Sedes Sapientiae

Sedes SapientiaeOur Lady Seat of Wisdom, the work of French sculptor Henri Bouriche (1826–1906). This statue is closely identified with the Sulpicians in the United States and may be purchased through the Sulpician Provincial House.


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