Sulpicians Elect Provincial

Very Rev. Daniel F. Moore, P.S.S., STD, was eleted Provincial Superior on May 19, 2022 by the Provincial Assembly of the Sulpician Province of the USA.

Priestly Wellness and Happiness

This past October 6, at the Alumni Day address at Theological College, The National Seminary of the Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., Msgr. Stephen Rossetti presented some of the results of his recent survey of over 1,500 priests from across the USA on their health and happiness in the wake of the child abuse crisis and the pandemic.

Indwelling: Creative Writing Serving Pastors

Being a minister of God’s Word requires more than an academic knowledge of theology. A minister of the Word must be able to recognize and communicate the many ways in which God reveals himself. This wider perspective on God’s revelation has led the seminarians at St. Mary’s to engage the arts as a way of broadening their perspective on God.

Theological College Celebrates Sulpician Heritage

In a homily given on the feast day of Blessed Agnes by Fr. Dominic Ciriaco, PSS, Rector at Theological College,  said, “Without Blessed Agnes, the Sulpicians would not even be here today!” Read about the French Dominican nun who profoundly influenced Jean-Jacques Olier, who established the first seminaries in France ... and the Sulpicians.

Seminary Bell Rings Out Again

 In June 2021 the bell, which had been stored at the top of the vestments’ closet in the preserved 1808 Seminary Chapel sacristy, was taken down, removed from its temporary wooden cradle, and placed upon the remnant of the original seminary’s foundation wall where it rang out to the Seton Hill neighborhood of Baltimore City this summer for the first time in more than half a century.

Assumption Seminary Celebrates Diversity

Assumption Seminary in San Antonio, Texas, kicked off the month of February with its yearly Multicultural Celebration. More than sixty members there come from different parts of the world. Sharing the Eucharist, a culturally diverse banquet, musical entertainment, and fellowship all contributed to the night’s festivities.  

St. Kizito House of Formation Expands

In the face of increasing enrollment, the St. Kizito community prepared to accommodate more students in the 2022–2023 academic year by constructing a new wing we had a new wing. There are six new single rooms for students and two rooms for visiting formators.

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We “Sulpician Fathers” have an uncommon name and a unique mission: the initial and ongoing formation of diocesan priests. In 1641, our founder, Fr. Jean-Jacques Olier, was the pastor of the Church of Saint Sulpice. He founded a community of diocesan priests in Paris specifically to prepare diocesan seminarians for the Roman Catholic priesthood. We Sulpicians have been dedicated to the work of forming priests after the heart of Jesus the Good Shepherd ever since.

Sulpicians came to the United States in 1791, arriving first in Baltimore. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to assisting bishops by providing seminary education and ongoing formation for seminarians and our fellow priests.

In the United States, we have seminaries in Baltimore, Washington, DC, and San Antonio. Texas. Farther afield, we support seminaries in the Central African nations of Zambia and Malawi.

Quick Facts

■ Serve 57 Arch/dioceses and 19 International Arch/dioceses (11 of which are Zambian)
■ Staff an additional 5 seminaries (U.S. & Zambia)
■ Are responsible for a Baltimore parish of 800 families
■ Coordinate and facilitate the Biennial Institute for Seminary Formators
■ Operate three Sulpician seminaries with a total enrollment of 324
■ Founded by Fr. Jean-Jacques Olier

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Sedes Sapientiae

Sedes Sapientiae

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, the work of French sculptor Henri Bouriche (1826–1906). This statue is closely identified with the Sulpicians in the United States.

The statues are currently unavailable for purchase due to problems obtaining the raw materials. We will post a link to the manufacturer here when they are available again.


Protecting Youth and Vulnerable Adults

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