Maynard, Father Frederick

1965, April 19

Date of Birth: 1902, November 1


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Frederick Maynard was born in Bay City, Michigan (then in the Diocese of Detroit) on November 1, 1902. His early education, from 1909 to 1919, was in Bay City. In 1919 he entered St. Joseph’s Preparatory Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. On his graduation in 1924, he was assigned to the Basselin College of the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. After a year there, he returned to lay life in Detroit, where he worked for the Standard Oil Company. He resumed clerical studies in 1929 when he entered St. Mary’s Seminary, Paca Street, to finish his Philosophy. He earned a B.A. in 1930. He then went to St. Mary’s Seminary, Roland Park, for his Theology, earned an S.T.B. in 1933 and an M.A. in 1934. He was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Gallagher of Detroit on May 27, 1934. After ordination, as a candidate for St. Sulpice, Father Maynard was assigned to the faculty of St. Charles College in Catonsville, Maryland. He made his Solitude at Catonsville in 1935-1936, and then rejoined the faculty of St. Charles College until 1938 when he went to Yale University for higher studies.

While Father Maynard was studying in Connecticut, he became the prime agent of St. Mary’s Seminary in a drive to raise funds for the erection of the chapel at the Roland Park seminary. Even after he returned to the faculty of St. Charles College in 1942, he went back to Connecticut most weekends to visit parishes in the state to take up collections. Under his initiative more than $60,000 was collected in this one diocese.

In 1944 Father Maynard left the Society of St. Sulpice. He was incardinated into Saginaw, a diocese created in 1937 when Detroit became an archdiocese. He served at several parishes in his new diocese. His last parish assignment was at St. Christopher’s Church in Bridgeport, Michigan. When ill-health forced his retirement from there, he was appointed to the faculty of St. Paul’s Seminary in Saginaw. He died on April 19, 1965.