Mahon, Father Peter

1935 January 2

Date of Birth: 1867, November 2 

Peter Francis Mahon was born on November 2, 1867 in Donegal, Ireland. After studies in Derry, he went to the Irish College in Rome. Ordained for the Diocese of Derry in 1891, he served there in both parish and seminary assignments. From motives unknown, he joined the Sulpicians in Paris in 1896. He made his Solitude with, among others, Fathers Saupin, Levatois, and Harig. In 1897 he came to St. Charles College. He taught there for ten years. In 1907 he returned to Ireland. In 1927 he became a pastor in County Tyrone. Having resigned his pastorate in December of 1934, he died shortly thereafter on January 2, 1935.

Data supplied to Rev. John Bown by Bishop Edward Daly of Derry.

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