David, Bishop Jean Baptist Mary

1841, July 12

Date of Birth:  1761, June 4

October 31, 1841
[Second obituary in same letter]

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I have also to announce to you the death of Bishop Jean Baptist Mary David, onetime Coadjutor of Bishop Flaget, Ordinary of Bardstown in the United States.  He died on June 12, 1841. Bishop David was born on June 4, 1761, in the parish of Coucron, Diocese of Nantes. In the seminary of that city on October 31, 1779, he began his theological studies. When he finished his Solitude, he was sent to teach Theology at the Seminary of Angers. It was there that he was at the outbreak of the [French] revolution.  In 1793 he was sent to Baltimore, where he worked with success either at the seminary or at various missions in the charge of Bishop Carroll, Ordinary of Baltimore. When Bishop Flaget was named Bishop of Bardstown in 1810, he brought there with him Father David, who supported him most zealously in all his enterprises. Father David devoted himself especially to the opening and operation of the seminary. In 1819 he was named Bishop of Mauricastra and Coadjutor of Bardstown; he secured from Father Duclaux, then Superior General, the privilege of ever remaining – in spite of his elevation to the episcopacy – a member of the Society.

He continued, as previously, to head the seminary; he also, for some time, became Ordinary of Bardstown following the resignation of Bishop Flaget. But he himself, after a short time, resigned as bishop.  Several years ago, age and infirmity would no longer allow him to involve himself (as he wished) in the training of young seminarians; but he continued to serve to the best of his ability, and he did not cease to give edification by his piety and kindness. At length God called him to Himself in the course of last August.  Someone promised me a letter giving me further details of his last moments, but apparently the letter has gone astray. I did not deem it right to wait any longer to recommend him to prayers and remembrances customary in the Society.

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