Bernhard, Father Aloysius

1969, May 27

Date of Birth: 1904, July 9

Aloysius Bernhard was born in the Diocese of Albany at Amsterdam, New York, on July 9, 1904. His early education, from 1910 to 1920, was at St. Mary’s Institute in Amsterdam. In 1922 he went to Niagara University in Niagara Falls, New York. In 1924 he entered its seminary department, receiving his B.A. from Niagara University in 1926 and his M.A. in 1928. He remained at Niagara University until 1929, but finished his Theology at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. He was ordained on June 14, 1930.

After priestly ordination, Father Bernhard filled various posts in the Diocese of Albany. During World War II he became a chaplain in the Merchant Marines.

Stationed in Baltimore, he conceived the desire to be a Sulpician. After the war, Father Bernhard made his Solitude at St. Mary’s Seminary, Paca Street, in 1946-1947. In 1947 he was assigned to St. Stephen’s Seminary in Honolulu. He was changed in 1950 to St. Edward’s Seminary in Seattle, Washington, where he taught in both the minor and major seminaries. In 1954 he came back to Baltimore to teach at the Paca Street seminary and to act as chaplain to the Bon Secours Sisters. He retired in 1967 and died two years later on May 27, 1969.

Adapted from Father Bernhard’s “Personal Data” sheet and from The Voice.