Voirdye, Father Charles

1880, October 29

Date of Birth:  1819, January 27

Charles Voirdye was born on January 27, 1819 in the Diocese of Vannes. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1845 after which he filled various Sulpician assignments in France. He came to Baltimore in 1851. In Baltimore he served on the faculty of St. Mary’s College until it closed in 1852. He then went to Montreal; shortly thereafter he left St. Sulpice to serve in the dioceses of Kingston and Toronto. He transferred to the Diocese of Cleveland in 1865. In 1875, Father Voirdye (whose name was anglicized to Warde or Wardy or Wordy) transferred to the diocese of Fort Wayne. In 1879 he entered St. Vincent’s Abbey in what is now Latrobe, Pennsylvania, where he was known as Father Thaddeus Wordy, OSB. In 1880 he moved to Monte Cassino Priory near Covington, Kentucky; he died there on October 29th of the same year. 

Data supplied by Rev. John W. Bowen, S.S.

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