Verot, Bishop Augustin

1876, June 8

Date of Birth:  1805, May 23

Augustin Verot, born at Puy on May 23, 1805, began his Philosophy course at the seminary of Issy on October 6, 1821. At the seminary in Paris two of his fellow students were Dupanloup and Lacordaire. After his ordination to the priesthood he was admitted to the Society of St. Sulpice and was sent to St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore. He reached there on October 14, 1830. He mainly taught mathematics and physical sciences, subjects in which he was especially qualified.

In 1852, after the closing of St. Mary’s College, he was named pastor at Ellicott’s Mills (later named Ellicott City) where he remained until 1858. St. Charles College was close by, and he was visited often by its students, with whom he was a great favorite.

Archbishop Hughes of New York wished to make Father Verot head of his contemplated New York seminary, but the other bishops insisted that he be made Vicar Apostolic of Florida. He was consecrated on April 25, 1858. His episcopal activity helped to regenerate religion in Florida and his writings helped to attract settlers there.

On July 14, 1861, Bishop Verot was transferred to the episcopal see of Savannah, but he did not cease to be Vicar Apostolic of Florida. In the Civil War, his sympathies were with the South. After the war, both at the Second Plenary Council of Baltimore in 1866 and at the First Vatican Council in 1870, he won acclaim for his erudition.

When he returned from Rome, St. Augustine was made a diocese. Bishop Verot chose St. Augustine as his diocese, leaving the future Cardinal Persico to govern Savannah. Bishop Verot wore himself out in his apostolic labors, particularly in his begging expeditions to the North for the needs of his missions. He died of apoplexy on June 8, 1876.

Translated and adapted from Bibliotèque Sulpicienne, Volume II, pp 369-371.