Nicolaus, Father Eugene

1973, May 23

Date of Birth: 1913, February 13

Eugene Nicolaus was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 13, 1913. His early education was in St. Cecilia’s Parochial School in Brooklyn. He then went to the Jesuit-conducted Brooklyn Preparatory School. He advanced to Fordham University in New York, from which he obtained his B.A. in 1934. After two years in the business world, he came, in 1936, to St. Mary’s Seminary, Paca Street, to repeat a year of Philosophy. In 1937 he went to St. Mary’s Seminary, Roland Park, for his Theology. He achieved his S.T.B. in 1939. He was ordained to the priesthood on June 13, 1941, for the Diocese of Richmond.

In 1941-1942 Father Nicolaus made his Solitude at St. Mary’s Seminary, Paca Street. In 1942-1943 he taught English and French at St. Charles College in Catonsville, Maryland. In 1943 he joined the Chaplain Corps of the United States Navy and served throughout World War II in Hawaii. On leaving the Navy, Father Nicolaus returned to St. Charles College for a year, 1946-1947. From 1947 to 1949 he attended The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. He attained an M.A. in English there. In 1949 he came to St. Mary’s Seminary, Paca Street, where he taught English and acted as Master of Ceremonies and Treasurer. During some years at Paca Street he also acted as Socius of Solitude.

He left Paca Street in 1959 to go to St. Patrick’s Seminary in San Francisco, California. Before he left there in 1968, he had become Superior of Philosophy. Father Nicolaus’ next assignment was as Superior of St. Edward’s Seminary in Seattle, Washington. In 1971 he had a breakdown in health that brought him to Baltimore for a year. In 1972 he returned to St. Patrick’s Seminary as teacher of pastoral training. Father Nicolaus died of a heart attack, suffered while he was driving, on May 13, 1973.

Adapted from Father Nicolaus’ “Personal Data” sheet and from The Voice.