Levadoux, Father Michel

1815, January 13

Date of Birth:  1746, April 1

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Father Michel Levadoux, native of the Province of Auvergne in France, was born on April 1, 1746 at Clermont whose major seminary he entered on October 30, 1769, as a cleric.  He had long been a director in the Seminary of Bourges when he was selected to accompany Father Nagot to Baltimore.  But when Father Chicoisneau was also sent to him to Baltimore, as will be explained later, it was decided that he would remain at the seminary and that Father Levadoux would go to the Illinois mission for which Father Chicoisneau had been slated.  Father Levadoux left in June 1792, with Father Flaget for the missions of the Mississippi, where he stayed some years.

He went at length to Detroit, St. Clair, and was in charge of that congregation up to 1802 when he was recalled to the Baltimore seminary.  But Father Emery, having secured the right to establish several seminaries in France, summoned back there Father Levadoux, along with Fathers Garnier and Maréchal.  They left Baltimore on May 25, 1803.  Father Levadoux was made Superior of the seminary of St. Flour in Cantal, then of the seminary of Puy, where he died on January 13, 1815.

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