Larkin, Father John

1858, December 11

Date of Birth:  1801, February 2


John Larkin, born at Newcastle on Tyne or at Ravensworth, England, on February 2, 1801, entered the Seminary of Issy as a layman in 1823 to make his Philosophy, arrived in Baltimore on September 9, 1825, and was ordained priest on August 26, 1827. Our Montreal confreres having evidenced a wish to have him with them, Father Larkin was first an assistant at Notre Dame; and in 1828 became teacher of Philosophy at the college. In 1840, he went to the United States; on October 23rd of the same year he entered the Jesuit novitiate, became a preacher, a rector of the colleges of St. Louis and of Fordham, and died in New York on December 11, 1858. He was a man of superior mentality, particularly noted for his knowledge of Greek.

Translated from Bibliothèque Sulpicienne, Volume II, p.261


Fr. Larkin