Knight, Father Edward

1862, September 18

Date of Birth:  1806, January 28

Edward Knight, born a Protestant on January 28, 1806, entered St. Mary’s College in 1820. He became a Catholic in 1822. Little by little his thoughts turned to priesthood. When he had earned his degree, he entered the Baltimore seminary on August 26, 1824 to begin the study of Theology; he was tonsured on September 18, 1824. He received minor orders on April 28, 1825. After his ordination to the priesthood he taught various subjects, including Greek, Latin and Mathematics in the college. He entered the Society of St. Sulpice in 1833 and later became Vice-president of the college, but he left the Sulpicians in 1850. After that he was pastor of St. Peter’s Church in Washington and died there on September 18, 1862.

Translated and adapted from Reg. Bk. I

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