Kerney, Father Nicolai Francis

1841, February 26

Date of Birth: 1787, April 2

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Nicolai Francis Kerney was born in Ireland on April 2, 1787. He was for a time at the minor seminary in Emmitsburg, but on account of his age and his good conduct he was transferred to Baltimore on August 30, 1810.  He was made a prefect at the college and continued his classical studies there, receiving tonsure on September 22, 1810. He became a seminary student on September 7, 1813 and received minor orders on December 18th of the same year. He continued as teacher or prefect either at Baltimore or Emmitsburg up to 1817.  He was made a subdeacon by Archbishop Maréchal on March 7, 1818; a deacon on March 11th; and a priest on March 13th. Slated for the Diocese of Philadelphia, he remained at Baltimore to assist Father Moranvillé at St. Patrick's at Fells Point. He was received into the Society on March 19, 1823, but he left it on August 22, 1825.  Having returned to St. Patrick’s, he, after Father Moranvillé's death, succeeded him as pastor. He died as pastor of St. Patrick's on February 26, 1841, at the age of fifty-four.

Translated and adapted from Reg. Bk. I.