Hoskins, Father John Henry

1837, January 11

Date of Birth: Not Mentioned


February 9, 1837

I have just learned of the death of Father John Henry Hoskins, priest of the Society, dead near the beginning of the present year in the Seminary of Baltimore. He was educated in that house, where, during his classes in the humanities and in theology, he was known for his abilities, for his piety, for his obedience to the rule and to the bidding of his superiors, and especially for his likeableness which was attractive to a1l under his tutelage. For all these qualities, Father Hoskins was – by Father Deluol and the other directors at Baltimore – proposed to us as a candidate for the Society. There was no difficulty in our according him this favor inasmuch as his services were quite necessary to us in the college where he taught various classes and of which he became vice-president. Some days before last Christmas, he decided to make a retreat and a general confession; some days later he developed chicken-pox, and from that disease he died on January 11th after receiving all the sacraments of the Church. Although he suffered much in the last days of his illness, he continuously spoke of God and pronounced the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary - an action which took his mind off his suffering and brought a smile to his lips. Up to his last breath he gave proof of that virtue of obedience which had been the underpinning of his actions during his whole life.  I recommend him to the prayers and remembrances of the Society.




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