Harent, Father Joseph

1818, April 6

Date of Birth:  1751 (estimated)

June 29, 1818

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Here again is a new loss which I sorrowfully share with you. Alas our letters are now only letters of mourning. This one is to inform you of the death of Father Harent, a director of the Seminary of Baltimore and to ask you for this dear confrere the prayers that we offer for each other. Father Joseph Harent, originally from the Diocese of Lyon, went – because of the [French] revolution – to Baltimore; there he became acquainted with our confreres and acquired from them a desire for the priesthood and for our way of life. A great aptitude for business joined to the most solid virtue gave reason for the opinion that he was the right man for the office-operations of our house in that part of the world. He was proposed as a candidate in the last General Assembly and we admitted him to the Society. He died on April 6th last in the 63rd year of his life at Martinique, where he had gone on the business of the Baltimore house. His state of health gave hope for years of service, but the Lord who makes us feel at any moment that he may spare us, has for him decided otherwise and has asked of us this new sacrifice.