Driscoll, Father James F.

1922, July 5

Date of Birth: 1859, September 30


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James F. Driscoll was born at Poultney, Vermont, in the Diocese of Burlington, on September 30, 1859. He entered the Grand Seminary in Montreal in September 1883. He studied also at the Seminary of St. Sulpice, and at the Catholic Institute in Paris, and in Rome. He was ordained in 1887 and made his Solitude in Paris in 1888-1889.

Father Driscoll taught Dogmatic Theology and Hebrew at the Grand Seminary in Montreal from 1889 to 1896. In 1896 he went to St. Joseph’s Seminary in Dunwoodie in the Archdiocese of New York. There he taught Dogma, Music, Moral Theology, Sacred Scripture, and Semitic languages up to 1901. In that year he became Superior of St. Austin’s College in Washington, D.C. He also taught at the same time at St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore in 1901-1902. He returned to Dunwoodie to become its Rector in 1902.

 In 1906, he and four other confreres left the Society. He was the moving spirit behind the New York Review, which ceased publication in 1909. That same year, Father Driscoll left the presidency of Dunwoodie to become pastor of St. Ambrose Church in New York City. During his presidency or rectorship, besides teaching and editing the Review, he lectured at Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary.  After leaving St. Ambrose, he became pastor of St. Gabriel’s Church in New Rochelle. He died on July 5, 1922.

Adapted from De Vito: The New York Review; from Scanlan: St. Joseph’s Seminary; and from Boisard.