Damphoux, Father Jean Baptiste Louis Edouard

1860, August 7

Date of Birth: 1788, December 18

Fr. Damphoux

Jean Baptiste Louis Edouard Damphoux, born in the Diocese of Nimes on December 18, 1788, entered, already tonsured, the Seminary of St. Sulpice in 1810 to make his Theology course. After Father Emery’s death, he drew the superior’s portrait, and his sketch was finally engraved by Pierron; it is that which is reproduced in the Life of Father Emery. Father Damphoux was only a deacon when he left for Baltimore with Father Maréchal in 1812. On his arrival he was placed in the college, and for six years he taught the classics there with much success. In 1818 he was named President of the college. A fall from his carriage in July 1822, prevented Father Damphoux from filling his position in a suitable way; so he resigned and was replaced by Father Deluol.


But on September 1, 1823, Father Damphoux resumed the presidency, and remained in that office until 1827. When St. Mary's Seminary was erected into a university by Pope Pius VII in 1822, Father Damphoux was one of its first three doctors. In 1829, he resigned from the Society. He was the Archbishop’s secretary in 1833, and in 1837 he was Rector of the Cathedral. He later became pastor of the recently established St. Joseph’s and oversaw the construction of its first church. He was secretary at all Provincial Councils of Baltimore from 1829 to 1849. He died on August 7, 1860.

Translated and adapted from Bibliothèque Sulpicienne, Volume II pp. 262-263