Campbell, Father James

1973, June 22

Date of Birth: 1906, June 17

James Campbell was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on June 17, 1906. In his early years he was educated at St. John’s Parochial School in Baltimore. From there he went to St. Charles College in Catonsville, Maryland and then on to St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore. He received there his B.A. in 1929 and his M.A. in 1930. He proceeded from the old seminary to the new St. Mary’s at Roland Park. He was ordained to the priesthood on June 15, 1933.

For the first year after his ordination, 1933-1934, Father Campbell taught English and Latin at St. Charles College. The next year, 1934-1935, he made his Solitude in Catonsville. He remained in Catonsville for the next two years, 1935 to 1937, as a teacher at St. Charles College. The following year, 1937-1938, Father Campbell went to The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

He achieved his M.A. there in Latin Studies. In 1938 Father Campbell was assigned to St. Joseph’s College in Mountain View, California, where he taught and later acted as Vice-rector. He left St. Joseph’s in 1951 to become Rector at St. Stephen’s Seminary in Hawaii. In 1954 he returned to Mountain View to be Rector there until 1961. In that year he went to St. Thomas Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, as a teacher. In 1970 he returned to St. Patrick’s College* as a teacher. He died on June 22, 1973.

*The college classes of St. Patrick’s Seminary in San Francisco (at Menlo Park) had moved to Mountain View and the college division of St. Joseph’s had been renamed St. Patrick’s College. The high-school classes in Mountain View, given up by the Sulpicians, had retained the name of St. Joseph’s. Later, when San Jose was established as a diocese (in which Mountain View is located), the college was again named St. Joseph’s.

Adapted from Father Campbell’s “Personal Data” sheet and from information supplied by Mr. Joseph Reynolds, Provincial House Staff Coordinator.